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The Municipal Band of Manizales was established on October 13, 1991, thanks to the desire of the Municipal Administration to give the city a musical group that will brighten their lives. It was institutionalized by Municipal Agreement No. 160 of December 13, 1995. The Municipal Band has been awarded four times with the “Lancero de Oro” twice in the senior category and two in a special category in the "National Band Competition" of Paipa Boyacá, during the years 1992, 1993, 1995 and 2002. Winner of 4 awards in the VII National Contest of Bambuco de Tocancipá 2012 and 3 awards in the XX National Contest of Bands of Anapoima 2013. The Band recorded his first LP in 1993. A second album in 1997. In 2007 made part of the recording "To the sound of the Earth, Wind Bands" of the Ministry of Culture. In 2010 in the recording Colombia Suena, Wind Bands of Sonimagen. In 2011, It released double album Pasodobles y Sinfónico colombiano. In 2013 recorded an album called Rhythms of the Earth with Musical Score and the master pieces of Victoriano Valencia Rincon.
The Band performs weekly with the Sunday Retreat at the Acoustic Shell of the Ernesto Gutiérrez Park, which has been revitalized through its wide repertoire. About 400 people attend to this event to enjoy live music in all its genres. The Band also has Five Gala Concert a year in “El Teatro Los Fundadores” in which the best symphonic master peaces are presented.
It has 37 permanent musicians and a number of other young people who participate as special guests in retreats and concerts, under the direction of Maestro Carlos Arturo Marín Grisales. The Director is graduated of Music from the University of Caldas, specialist in Education in Art and Folklore from the Universidad el Bosque de Bogotá and member of Duet “Estirpe y Canción de Manizales”. Awarded with more than 25 Colombian Andean music awards and in symphonic bands.
The Band participated in the XV and XVI Seminars of Yamaha Bands, with the teachers Tean Tee Lee (Singapore), Marcelo Jardim (Brazil), Laslo Marozi (Hungary). In April 2011, the band participated as a special guest of the Second International Congress of Bands of Medellin and was directed by the masters Frank de Vuyst (Belgium-Spain), Jan Van der Rost (Belgium) and Oscar Navarro (Spain).
The Band has also participated in other training events in which was directed by teachers such as: David Mckencie (USA), Gerald Brown (USA), Joan Martinez Colás (Spain), Eduardo Carrizosa (Colombia), Ricardo Jaramillo (Colombia) Leonardo Marulanda (Colombia).
In June 2012, it was the main band for the Seminar Workshop of Band Direction guided by the Dutch teacher Alex Schillings and led by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, in which 20 directors from all over the country participated. The Band has always had the support of the Mayor's Office of Manizales and the Institute of Culture and Tourism of the City.
In 2016, the Band celebrates its 25th anniversary of foundation, so all its activities were oriented to commemorate its "Silver Wedding"
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Their members are:
  • Flute and Pícolo:: Mariana Segura Valencia, Esteban Orozco Muñoz, Sandra Bibiana Ramírez Murillo
  • Oboe: Guillermo Trujillo Candamil
  • Clarinet: Oscar Andrés Moreno Cabezas, Harold Daniel Montes Giraldo, Jorge Leonardo Minorta Velásquez, Kevin Stevens Vanegas Millán, Luis Miguel Vinazco Berrío, Maicol Botero García, Luisa Fernanda Ramírez Hurtado, Andrés Felipe Minorta Velásquez, Deivid Steven González.
  • Bass Clarinet: Jesús David Moreno Montaño.
  • Bassoon: Marco Antonio Ocampo Hernández.
  • Alto Saxophone: Wendy Johana Giraldo Marín, Juan David Valencia Suárez.
  • Tenor Saxophone: Alejandro Marín Gutiérrez.
  • Barítono Saxophone: Mateo Franco Cifuentes.
  • Trumpet y Bugle: Daniel Alberto Moreno Vergara, Sebastián Moncada Agudelo, Omar Castaño Galvis, Juan Sebastián Valencia Gallego
  • Tuba: Héctor Felipe Marín Ríos, Andrés Mauricio Rincón Rendón.
  • Percussion: Juan Sebastián Sánchez Duque, Juan Guillermo Villegas Gutiérrez, David Tabares Meza, Manuel David Obando Flórez, Camilo Franco Vergara.
  • French Horn: Yeison Sanín Téllez Mateus, Fernando Ortega Mora, Johan Andrés Oliveros Alzate.
  • Eufonio: Diego Alexander Patiño Rincón.
  • Trombone: Julián Danilo Ospina Rodríguez, Félix Ocampo Llano, Stiven David Pérez Pantoja
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