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Rio Blanco

Hydrographic and Forestry Reserve, Ecological Park, AICA (Environmental Interest Area for the Conservation of Wild Birds in the Neotropics), area of 4,343 hectares, of which 3,217 are located in Forests between 2,200 and 3,8000 m.s. In this area, 35% of the water consumed in Manizales is produced. Its main tourist attraction is Bird Watching, with a register of nearly 400 species, including 13 endemic and almost endemic species, 13 endangered species and 30 species of migratory birds. In addition it has 61 species of mammals, 41 species of native orchids, 180 species of diurnal butterflies, 26 species of bromeliads, 33 species of hummingbirds (of which 22 species can be seen in the drinking troughs of the FUNDEGAR house). It has trails whose routes range between 20 minutes and 8 hours, always accompanied by specialized guides. Aguas de Manizales S.A. E.S.P. manage Rio Blanco reserve and Gabriel Arango Restrepo Ecological Foundation -FUNDEGAR- develops its activities there. Location Sector of the City: 3 Kilometers to the Northeast of the urban area of Manizales adjacent to the Minitas neighborhood (Bocatoma).
  • Aguas de Manizales S.A. E.S.P.
  • Address: Avenida Kevin Ángel # 59 - 181
  • Telephone: (6) 8879770 Ext. 72187
  • Fax: (6) 8754082
  • E-mail: socampo@aguasdemanizales.com

Los Nevados National Park

El Nevado del Ruiz, located within Los Nevados National Park, is the most visited in the country. Located in the heart of Colombia, on the axis of the Central mountain range 45km from the city of Manizales. It has an extension of 58,300 hectares, shared between the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Tolima. During the visit, the following activities are available for tourists: • Guidance and Hiking • Visit to the Nevado del Ruiz glacier (restricted by level III of volcanic activity). • Visit to other snow-capped mountains and lagoons of the park such as: Nevado del Tolima, Nevado de Santa Isabel, Nevado del Cisne, Nevado del Quindío, Otún Lagoon, Gualí Waterfall, Green Lagoon. • Rock climbing. • mountain biking. Some of these activities require prior authorization in Los Nevados National Natural Park office at (6) 8864104 and 8864703 in Manizales or in the Special Administrative Unit of the National Park System in Bogotá D.C.
  • Location: Outskirts of Manizales
  • Address: 45 km from Manizales
  • Telephone: +57 (6) 8812065 - 321 8031661
  • E-mail: mercadeonevados@gmail.com

Recinto del Pensamiento

Within the Humid Forest, just 11 kilometers from the urban area of the city of Manizales, on way to Magdalena, is “Recinto del Pensamiento”, which has an area of 179 hectares, which are mostly part of a protective natural reserve. It is an ideal place for creative rest and experiential learning through different tourist attractions, training and environmental awareness in different scenarios such as the Ecological Path, the Butterfly Garden, the Orchid Forest. The wooden pavilion is the most recognized icon of the site, allowing the development of academic congresses, exhibitions, fairs, cultural programs and concerts, among others. The Campus offers visitors accommodation in their hostel if needed, a space with a sober atmosphere and an elegant decoration that eases resting.
  • Location: Vía al Magdalena
  • Address: Km 11 via Magdalena
  • Telephone: +57 (6) 8747494
  • Fax: +57 (6) 8743853
  • E-mail: expoferias@cpdcaldas.org

Botanical Garden of the University of Caldas

Conservation and knowledge of plant biodiversity with the purpose of obtaining elements that encourage the improvement of the quality of life of the population, ensure sustainability of the essential ecological processes in ecosystems and generate a new citizen ecological ethics. It has a collection plants with more than 15 thousand existing species, a collection of insects with about 450 species, a collection of fungi with more than 100.000 specimens. Its extension includes an area of 7 hectares distributed in the following areas: • Orquídeorama • Ethnobotany • Social Zone • Greenhouses • Nurseries • Ecological Trails • Andean Forest • Non-Polluting Agriculture • Arboretum • Biological Reserve Zone
  • Location: Palogrande
  • Address: Calle 65 No. 26 - 10 Universidad de Caldas
  • Telephone: +57 (6) 8781588
  • Fax: +57 (6) 8781588
  • E-mail: jarbouc@cumanday.ucaldas.edu.co
Culture and Tourism Institute of Manizales

Av. Alberto Mendoza Hoyos Km2 Vía al Magdalena | Manizales - Caldas
Phone: (57)(6) 874 97 12 | Fax: (57)(6) 874 97 12 Ext. 102
Open Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am - 12:00 m and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Email. contacto@culturayturismomanizales.gov.co

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