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In the first half of the 20th century, after the Second World War, many residents who traveled around the European cities were delighted with the bullfighting tradition and the April fair in Seville. Due to the ease of speaking the same language, they studied the Seville traditions and its fair and brought back to Manizales the idea of organizing an annual party in the City. The Mayor of that time agreed with that initiative, as it would be perfect to continue the success of the Centennial Bullfighting event, which had been carried out in 1951. Accordingly, a delegation traveled to the city of Seville to copy its famous fair and implement it in the town.
The capital of Caldas was the ideal scenario for the development of this idea since it had become a modern city after the reconstructions when the terrible fires happened in 1922, 1925 and 1926, the construction of new sports venues and its bullfighting tradition. After a rigorous study of the seasons of the last 50 years, the last week of January was selected as the best date for taking place the event because it is the driest period of the year. With the support of the National Government and the participation of several delegations of the country, the first Fair of Manizales was held from January 21th to 30th, 1955. Since version 14th of the event it was decided to move its realization to the first week of the year, as it continues until today, which reaches its 62th edition completing 63 years of history.
Year after year, to celebrate each version of the Manizales Fair, more and more administrative and economic efforts are being made to enrich its cultural and tourist offer, adorning the city and justifying its recognition as a Cultural Heritage of the Nation, starting with the enactment of law 1025 of May 24, 2006. In a project led by the Mayor's Office of Manizales, through the Institute of Culture and Tourism, 450 cultural, artistic and sports musical events are held, 70% of them are free. Activities such as the Cabalgata, the International Coffee Reign, which reaches its 48th edition, the Bullfighting Season, Parades and Concerts, are just some of the events that this important Fair has. The Manizales City Fair has been recognized in Colombia and around the world as the Best Fair of America.
The numbers support the success of the Manizales Fair: In 2014, 1,316,000 million people enjoyed the Fair, while 1,721,000 for 2015. The hotel occupancy has been 85%. Nearly 502 press accreditations were delivered, of which 75 were for national media, 9 for international media and 406 for local and regional media. Assistance of 600,000 people to parades of Welcome, Nations, Carretas del Rocío and Macarena. Come to the Manizales Fair, Cultural Heritage of Colombia. www.feriademanizales.gov.co
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