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Our mission

The Institute of Culture and Tourism of Manizales aims to promote, develop, adopt and implement policies for the promotion of culture, arts and tourism in Manizales.

Our vision

Through effective leadership, we will achieve the recognition of culture and tourism as fundamental pillars of the economic and social development of the city.

Legal Policies

In accordance with the provisions of Agreement 491 of April 2, 2001 of the City Council of Manizales, the Institute of Culture and Tourism is a public establishment of municipal order, endowed with legal status, its own assets and administrative autonomy. Because of its autonomy, the entity will organize, govern and establish its rules and regulations in accordance with the constitutional and legal principles that allow it to develop the purposes for which it was established.

Quality Policies

At the Institute of Culture and Tourism, we lead the cultural and tourist issues of Manizales in a harmonious way.
We contribute to social development through the efficient use of resources and infrastructure that the Municipality of Manizales has for the progress of both sectors.
We satisfy the needs of the community through the continuous improvement of our processes and a committed human talent, prepared and with a vocation for public service.

Basic principles

To fulfill its purpose, the Institute, in addition to the basic principles of the City Goverment, will assume as its basic principles the quality, efficiency, equity and social commitment.
Quality, related to effective, timely, personalized, humanized and continuous attention in accordance with the accepted fixed standards on technical-scientific and administrative procedures, and through the use of appropriate technologies, according to the specifications of each service and the standards valid on the subject.
Efficiency, defined as the best use of human, technological, material and financial resources, in order to improve access to culture and tourism of the user population.
Equity, understood as the attention to the users to the extent determined by their particular needs, the provisions that govern cultural and tourist matters and institutional resources, without other criteria that condition attention or discriminate the population.
Social commitment, understood as the firm willingness of the Institute to contribute to the integral development of the population, putting everything in its power to respond to social needs related to its reason to be.

Quality objectives

  • Formulate and implement projects that aim to fulfill a cultural and tourist policy of the city of Manizales.
  • Managing efficiently the resources and the cultural and tourist infrastructure of Manizales.
  • Maintain and continuously improve the Integrated Quality Management System.
  • Increase the competence level of Public Servants and the continuous improvement of the work environment.

Culture and Tourism Institute of Manizales

Av. Alberto Mendoza Hoyos Km2 Vía al Magdalena | Manizales - Caldas
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Open Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am - 12:00 m and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
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