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Municipal Public Library

The new building of the Municipal Public Library has 730 M2. It has 64 places for youth and adults users, a children's room with 33 places and 11 virtual and digital points. It also has a lift and access ramps for people in condition of disability.
The Library has cultural programs and cultural events such as exhibitions, special celebrations and community activities, among others. Openning Hours Monday to Friday 8 a.m to 12 m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Manager: Luisa Fernanda Zuluaga Gómez
Address: Calle 21 # 19-07 2nd floor
Phone: +57 (6) 8844495 - 3137194141
E-mail: bibliomunicipal@ctm.gov.co

Public Library El Caribe

El Caribe library invites all residents to participate actively in the reading and writing workshops with topics related to reading, accompanying users to develop their different communication skills.
It is an open library so that users who enter can make use of each of the services, has a cozy space for the enjoyment of each one of them. At the same time, it provides a meeting space for the community with library extension services such as the library.
Manager: Martha Valencia
Address:Community Integral Center of the North. Calle 47B Carrera 11C Alto Caribe
Phone: +57 (6) 8765830 - 3158226323
Fax: +57 (6) 8766183
E-mail: bibliocaribe@ctm.gov.co

Public Library Galán

In any city, the Library is a permanent source of the development of citizenship through the different promotion, animation and training activities.
Encouraging reading and writing is one of the fundamental horizons of the Public Library, and in this sense the Galán Library invites the community to participate in all its activities.
Manager: Juan Sebastian Castro
Address: Calle 31 Carrera 6ª and 7ª.
Phone: +57 (6) 8833134 - 3138820864
Fax: +57 (6) 8833134
E-mail: bibliogalan@ctm.gov.co

Public Library La Enea

As La Enea Library is surrounded by green areas, visitors will find a very quiet and beautiful place to stay, inside there are two rooms one for children and other one for adults for searching and reading activities.
At the same time, The Library supports reading and training workshops, accompanied by guided leisure activities. Schools and Colleges are frequently involved in the different events and workshops offered by the Library.
Manager: Damaris Libreros
Address: Calle 97 carrera 36 casa roja
Phone: +57 (6) 8747400 - 3216108106
E-mail: biblioenea@ctm.gov.co

Minitas Public Library

Reading is an essential part of the quality of life of all people, that is why the Public Library Minitas offers to all city citizens and especially to the residents of the ecotourism commune “Cerro de Oro” a space for reading full of good books waiting to be explored.
The Library also offers all kinds of activities such as story time, reading club, workshops, and literary gatherings among others to approach reading.
Encargado: Wiliam Leandro López Gómez
Address: Carrera 11B # 62 A-10
Phone: +57 (6) 8750544 - 3233640524
E-mail: bibliominitas@ctm.gov.co

El Nevado Public Library

The Nevado Library with the support of the project “Espacios para la convivencia” of the Metropoli Colombia association invites the community to participate in workshops and activities that constantly carry out at no cost: searching and reading, cine club "synergy", chess principles, asisted reading, story time, music composition, educational videos, music, interactive stories and logical thinking games.
The library belongs to everyone and that is why we invite you to live and enjoy it.
Manager: Tatiana García
Address: CRA 35 # 26 -70 Casa de la Cultura del Nevado.
Phone: +57 (6) 8848010 - 312867178
E-mail: biblionevado@ctm.gov.co

Public Library El Carmen

The Carmen Library invites the entire community to participate in all the activities such as biblioparks, cineclub, literary gathering, reading club, reading workshops, bilingualism workshop, Technology workshop, theater of shadows, searching and reading among others.
The services provided by the The Carmen library are designed with and for the community. Please be welcome!
Manager: José Orlando Ríos
Address: Carrera 31 Calle 18 Centro Cultural el Carmen
Phone: +57 (6) 8723380 - 3143766332
E-mail: bibliocarmen@ctm.gov.co

El Bosque Public Library

A place full of culture and enjoyment.
Here you will find a space perfect for reading and searching, it is an area to enjoy workshops and activities designed to learn.
This library is more than a place, it is your "home", there is someone willing to guide you through the fun world of reading, books for every age, taste and need. We invite you to join our workshops, as well as to get the library ID Card, which entitle to be a user of the library.
Manager: Gloria Nancy Henao Patiño
Address: Calle 14 No 25 A- 37
Phone: +57 (6) 8723324 - 3122978933
E-mail: bibliobosque@ctm.gov.co

Public Library Villa Hermosa

The Villa Hermosa library is inviting the entire community to come and enjoy the different workshops and readings related to environment topics. The approach to books with “menú de Lecturas”, the traveling suitcases, book lending for registered users, the reading club for the children, searching and Internet service.
The library is also a space for meeting with the community, in activities and events such as Library at the park.
Manager: Hugo Alfonso Giraldo
Address: Calle 55 Cra. 12 corner.
Phone: +57 (6) 8762279 - 3116444269
E-mail: bibliovillahermosa@ctm.gov.co
Culture and Tourism Institute of Manizales

Av. Alberto Mendoza Hoyos Km2 Vía al Magdalena | Manizales - Caldas
Phone: (57)(6) 874 97 12 | Fax: (57)(6) 874 97 12 Ext. 102
Open Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am - 12:00 m and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Email. contacto@culturayturismomanizales.gov.co

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