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Where nature and history shape the landscape. This place will take you back in time to the "Antioquia" colonization. Its beautiful monuments will tell you the story of the brave muleteers who founded Manizales City on the back of a mule. Located in the beautiful sector of Chipre, the Monument to the Colonizers represents the strength of the colonizing families and offers a wonderful view of the mountains that surround the City.
The sculptures were made by Master Luis Guillermo Vallejo Vargas, who wanted to reflect through "The Agony" and "The Ecstasies" the exploits of the founders who arrived from southern Antioquia towns such as Abejorral, Sonsón, Rionegro, La Ceja and Marinilla, full of dreams and hopes. Finding this beautiful land, they settled on the edge of the central mountain range, surrounded by an exuberant landscape full of charm, which later would become our beloved Manizales. Visitors of the Colonizers Monument will appreciate the beauty of our City, the color of our landscape and the magnificent work of 25 tons, accompanied by the historical narrative of expert guides that will take back to that time.
  • Location: Avenida 12 de Octubre. Chipre neighborhood
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